Stay Warm On Your Touring Motorcycle With These Accessories

Perhaps more than any other type of motorcycle, comfort is especially important on touring bikes. This is a type of motorcycle that you'll often be riding for hours at a time, so you want your body to feel good from the minute that you climb onto the seat to the time at which you reach your destination. People frequently take their touring motorcycles on long rides during the summer, but if you're the type of rider who enjoys being on the road well into the fall, staying warm will be a priority. Here are some accessories that you can use to keep cozy:

Heated Backrest

Some touring motorcycles come with heated backrests, but if the model that catches your eye doesn't have this standard feature, it's worth upgrading with an accessory kit. Many car and truck drivers enjoy their heated seats, but when you're out in the fresh air in cool weather, this upgrade can make even more of a difference in your comfort level. This device means that regardless of the attire that you choose for your outing, your lower back will be hot — and when it's hot, you'll feel toasty warm overall.

Heated Grips

Even with warm motorcycle gloves, your hands can get cold on a chilly day. The breeze that hits you as you travel down the road can penetrate your clothing and be bothersome. Having cold hands is miserable, and if you're elderly or occasionally experience joint pain, it's even worse to have your hands get cold. Heated grips can be critical for staying comfortable on a motorcycle ride in the cold weather. This upgrade can also be valuable for safety, as you may struggle to control your touring bike to some degree when your hands are cold to the point of being numb.

Taller Windshield

It's often possible to upgrade to a taller windshield for your touring bike, which can be another valuable step to take to help you stay warm on a chilly day. The wind that hits your face and upper body can quickly cool you down, even if you're wearing a full-face helmet and appropriate cold weather attire. Moving to a taller windshield, even if it's only a couple of inches taller, blocks more of your body from the wind. This upgrade is even more critical for those who are of above-average height, as more of their body will extend above the top of a stock windshield.

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