Time for Snowbirds to Fly: How to "Fly" in Style

The Midwest was christened in new snow this October. This news made "snowbirds" (i.e. older people who often head south for the winter and come back north in the spring) realize that maybe this winter might be really bad and going south sooner might be a good idea. If you are a "snowbird," but this is your first winter heading south, you need to know how to "fly" in style with an RV. Here are some pointers. 

You Need an RV

Unless you are going to buy a set of flight tickets every winter and another set of flight tickets every spring, you are going to need an RV to go south and head north. Most "snowbirds" have an RV because it just allows them to go wherever they want to when they are traveling without having to worry about a hotel or related costs. You can opt to get a full RV with attached truck up front, a motor coach RV that looks like a giant bus, a luxury RV that folds out from the sides for double the space when the RV is parked, or a "third wheel" RV that hooks up and tows behind a truck. See an RV dealer to tour your options and find out which one of these options is most affordable and most comfortable for you. 

Get the RV Extras

Most RV dealers will let you know about all the extras that work for the RV model you choose. It is your retirement, so why not? Considering that you will be traveling in this vehicle a lot, you want to be as comfortable and as secure as you can be. Air conditioning, flat screen TV, full entertainment center, a wet bar; you name it, you can have it. Do not forget the turn-by-turn GPS too. Getting lost in an RV is not exactly something you want to do, even if you are roaming around and getting away from extreme weather. 

Keep Your RV's Cabinets and Refrigerator Well-Stocked

The less you have to stop for groceries when traveling, the better. Start your journey south this winter with a full refrigerator and cupboards stocked to the gills. You will never have to stop for fast food, and someone can always whip up a meal while someone else drives. If it is just you, you only need to find a good parking lot to stop and make your meals. 

If you're ready to get an RV to travel south for the winter, contact a local RV dealer.