Choose A Side-By-Side With Built-In Navigation

When you're evaluating different side-by-side options with the intention of choosing which make and model will best suit your needs, it's always important to spend some time sitting in the driver's seat. Doing so will not only allow you to assess the comfort and visibility from this position, but to also take stock of what features are available to you. Some side-by-sides are equipped with a navigation system, much like what you can find in many modern cars and trucks. [Read More]

Stop Renting: Why You Owe It To Yourself To Buy A Fishing Boat

If you rent a boat every time you go fishing, now's the time to invest in your own boat. You might think that you're better off renting a fishing boat, but that's not the case. There are actually quite a few benefits to buying a fishing boat of your own. One big reason to buy your own fishing boat is that you never need to pay rental fees again. Another big reason is that you don't need to worry about schedule conflicts. [Read More]

How To Take Care Of Your New Electric Bike

Over the last several years, electric bikes have become increasingly popular, both for commuting and recreational use. An electric bike is very versatile-- it can be pedaled like a traditional bike, or the motor can be turned on and the rider does not have to put forth much effort to keep the bike in motion. A quality electrical bike does cost more than a traditional bicycle, but if it is taken care of, it can last for a long time. [Read More]

Stay Warm On Your Touring Motorcycle With These Accessories

Perhaps more than any other type of motorcycle, comfort is especially important on touring bikes. This is a type of motorcycle that you'll often be riding for hours at a time, so you want your body to feel good from the minute that you climb onto the seat to the time at which you reach your destination. People frequently take their touring motorcycles on long rides during the summer, but if you're the type of rider who enjoys being on the road well into the fall, staying warm will be a priority. [Read More]