Three Ways to Create Living Space for a Tiny Vacation Home with Trailers

If you want to have a vacation home, but do not want it to be in the same place, a mobile solution can be what you need. You may want to have something that is more than a conventional RV and that can be moved when you want it. Utility trailers come in many different shapes and sizes, and you can add all the features you want to your mobile vacation home. If you want to convert a utility trailer into a tiny mobile vacation home, here are some things that you can do.

1. Use an Enclosed Trailer for an RV Type Tiny Home

If you just want to have a small retreat for your tiny home project, you can use a trailer with an enclosure. These utility trailers can be a great way to make your own type of RV trailer. You can get them in different sizes to build whatever you want for your tiny home. It can be small and just have a sleeping area and bathroom. A longer utility trailer will give you more room for things like seating, dining areas, and other features you want to add to your trailer.

2. Building Your Tiny Vacation Home on a Trailer Frame

If you want to build a tiny vacation home from scratch, you can use a trailer that just has the frame on it. This is great if you want to use a set of plans to build your tiny home and make it more like a real house. You can get different types of trailers for this, which can be small trailers that you can pull with a small truck, or fifth-wheel trailers. If you have plans for a larger tiny home, than a fifth wheel trailer can give your more options for the length and load capacity of your design. You will need to have something that is big enough to tow a fifth wheel design.

3. Building a Tiny Vacation Home with Multiple Trailers

If you have a piece of property where you plan to have your tiny home, you may want to have a design with multiple trailers. This can be great to create a center outdoor gathering area and separate spaces like bedrooms, kitchens and living space.  For a more mobile design with multiple structures, you can limit the design to two trailers, which will allow you to move your home with two vehicles.

These are some things that you can do to convert a utility trailer into a tiny vacation home. If you need the trailer to start building your mobile vacation home, contact a trailer dealer like Camping World of Orlando to get the right size trailer for the design you want to use.