Summertime Care For Your Snowmobile

Summer brings on some seriously sweltering days. If you are tired of hanging out in front of the air conditioner or becoming wrinkled in the pool, focus on a wintertime activity to mentally cool down. Make certain you are storing your snowmobile correctly and then do pre-season maintenance. Summer is an excellent time to get your sled ready for the upcoming season.


If you just parked your ride and threw a tarp over it in March, you can still go back and store your snowmobile correctly. Why not pick a hot summer day to scrub the salt or dirt off of your vehicle? You can cool off and prevent further damage to its exterior. If you failed to prepare your spark plugs for storage, you can still remove them and pour a teaspoon of 2-cycle oil into the spark plug cylinders to prevent rust. Also, you can take the opportunity to place oily rags into your exhaust pipe and other openings to protect them from rust and dirt. If you properly store your vehicle, you will have less maintenance to do before you ride it again.

Pre-Season Maintenance

Experts recommend that you take care of your snowmobile before you store it for the summer, but if you neglected to do so, you can easily fix the problem. Just make certain that you do the following before you take it out for your first ride of the winter season. You will need to check over the body, looking for rust and loose nuts and bolts. You should also carefully examine the brake and oil cables to make certain you have no damage or serious wear. In addition to physically examining the main parts of your sled, you also need to check all the fluid levels. Make sure you fill up your oil, brake, and coolant levels and look for evidence of leaks on the floor. If you discover a problem, take your snowmobile to your mechanic. Chances are you won't have to wait long for repairs to be completed when you schedule an appointment in July. 

Even the biggest summertime fans can get tired of the heat and yearn for cooler weather. If you are tired of the hot weather, take the opportunity to prepare your snowmobile for cooler entertainment. This process will let your mind escape the heat and picture cold, crisp weather. Sometimes, cool thinking can lower your temperature. To learn more, contact a snowmobile rental company like 49TH STATE DISTRIBUTORS