Why Your Child Should Start With A Youth Side By Side

When you visit a side X side dealership in your area, you'll see a selection of vehicles that are designed for adults to use. You'll almost certainly see a number of smaller side by sides that are suitable for young riders who are getting the hang of this outdoor pastime, too. If you want to get your child involved in trail riding or another type of activity, a youth side by side can be the best option for them. Here are some reasons that you should get your child started with this smaller size of vehicle.

It Feels More Manageable

You can be certain that a young person will find a youth side by side more manageable to control than a full-sized model. The smaller size of this vehicle can simply feel better for novice riders. For example, your child will have an easier time navigating through tight areas because the vehicle is smaller. This will make it easier to assess where the corners of the vehicle are and to make sure they don't come into contact with trees, rocks, or other similar obstacles. This will likely be your child's first experience driving anything bigger than a bicycle or perhaps a dirt bike, so starting small is advisable.

It's More Affordable

When you look at the prices of various side by sides, you'll see that youth models are priced lower than their full-sized counterparts. While your child might be keen on off-road adventures, you may want to stick within a certain budget when you shop for a side by side until you're fully convinced that they'll stick with this pastime. For many families, the cost of a youth model will be a better choice than a full-sized model.

It Offers Child Safety Features

Every side by side is equipped with a wide variety of safety features, but you'll often find that youth models are designed with enhanced safety measures to keep young riders safe. For example, many of these side by sides allow you to set a maximum speed. When the vehicle reaches the speed in question, it will no longer continue to accelerate. Another common feature is geofencing, which allows you to set up a geographical area where you want your child to ride. If the child were to attempt to leave this area — for example, driving off your property onto the street — the side by side would stop running.

Learn more about youth side by sides at a local dealership.